There seems to be little hope left for Jude Law and Sadie Frost's marriage - even municipal bosses in London have given up on their union.

Two bronze casts of the acting pair's hands - taken to commemorate their roles in 1998 British film THE FINAL CUT, and put in place side-by-side outside the ODEON CINEMA in London's Leicester Square - are being separated.

WESTMINSTER COUNCIL want to move the Walk Of Fame, which also includes casts of Omar Sharif and Charlton Heston's hands, to a new location - and when they do, Sadie and Jude's prints will be keep far apart.

A spokesperson for Odeon, who fund the Walk Of Fame project, says, "We have them all out of the pavement, but we are going to move them to a small garden in the middle of Leicester Square."

According to British magazine HEAT, when this happens, Jude and Sadie's casts will be moved as far apart as possible.

08/07/2003 17:05