Jude Law's daughter Iris hasn't asked her godmother Kate Moss for modelling advice.

The 16-year-old model - who has already modelled for the British label Illustrated People x Violetta Fancies You - has followed in the footsteps of her famous mum, fashion designer Sadie Frost, 51, with her career choice, but when she gets together with the 42-year-old supermodel they choose not to mix work with their personal lives.

In an interview with W magazine, she said: ''I don't really chat with Kate about modelling. When I see her, it's just nice to see her and chat. I tell her what's going on.''

Iris admits she takes the catwalk and being in front of the camera in her stride, so much so that she hasn't even had her mum interfere with her career.

She said: ''I don't get too nervous. I think she knows I know how to handle it. I mean, there's not much advice to give, is there? She just says ''good luck'' and I think if she thought I was doing something wrong, she'd probably give me advice.''

However, there is one thing she turns to her mother for and that's help with restocking her wardrobe.

Speaking about her mum's closet, she explained: ''We're a similar size; I'm taller than her. She has a range. Sometimes she gets one really nice piece. But usually the stuff I steal she hasn't worn for ages. After that it just turns out to be mine, it's not like we share, really.''

She even gets to share items with her mother and one of her favourites is her Chanel handbag.

Iris added: ''I'm always like, 'Can I borrow it for this weekend?' And then she gets it for the weekdays and I get it for the weekend. And I get a text: 'I found it in your room again, it's mine for the next three days!'''