Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost is reportedly fuming at being told of his engagement to Sienna Miller through their eight-year-old son.

The Alfie actor apparently informed RAFFERTY of his forthcoming nuptials to actress Miller - who later relayed the news to his furious mother on Christmas Day (25DEC04) despite the former spouses having spent the afternoon together.

Frost, who is dating 23-year-old flamenco guitarist Jackson Scott, has since issued a statement declaring how "delighted" she is for her ex-husband and his fiancee.

However a source tells British newspaper the DAILY MAIL, Frost called Law "the f**ker" when she heard of his plans.

The source comments, "He spent the afternoon with the family and could have taken Sadie aside at any time to tell her that he was engaged, but he didn't.

"When Sadie spoke to Rafferty that evening, he told her the news. 'Dad's engaged to Sienna,' he said.

"She and Jude then had a furious row over the phone. She was very sarcastic and said something like, 'Well done, you could not have let me know in a better way than through our child.'

"After all, Sienna is not just going to be his wife but her children's step-mother. It came as a complete shock to her."

09/01/2005 11:16