Jude Law's ex-wife Sadie Frost has won her libel battle against a British newspaper which claimed the actress and fashion designer attacked a young model. Associated Newspapers, which owns the Mail on Sunday, will pay substantial damages for the article last August (05) alleging Frost mauled a guest on Elizabeth Hurley's TV talent show PROJECT CATWALK. Frost's lawyer, REBECCA LEAVER, told London's High Court on Monday (31JUL06), "The article suggested that during the Project Catwalk post-show party, Ms Frost launched an angry and bullying attack on a young model whilst she was in the ladies' toilet and that Ms Frost's attack was so appalling that it warranted her undergoing professional anger management treatment. "The defendant has paid Ms Frost substantial compensation for the damage and distress caused by their false allegations." The exact compensation sum has not been disclosed.