Jude Law's custody battle with ex-wife Sadie Frost could be about to turn nasty - the fashion designer is planning to take their children for a month-long holiday to the Far East.

Frost, who divorced Law last October (03) following the collapse of their five-year-marriage, wants to give her son FINLAY from a previous relationship, and their children RAFFERTY, IRIS and RUDY the experience of a lifetime on the holiday.

However, her plans are bound to reignite the bitter feud between the couple, as Jude hates spending more than two weeks at a time without seeing his beloved children.

Frost enthuses, "I'm taking them to go hiking and get dirty. We're going to the East where I can be active with the older kids and then somewhere with a pool for the little ones."

Accompanying the family on their oriental tour is Frost's new lover Jackson Scott, 23, who reportedly intends to marry his 36-year-old belle in the near future.

Law recently told reporters, "If I don't see my children for two weeks, that's too long."

04/04/2004 14:04