Hollywood stars Jude Law and Minnie Driver have written an open letter to British Prime Minister Tony Blair, appealing for more money to help the world's poorest countries.

The pair added their names to those of Bono, Chris Martin, Colin Firth, DAME Helen Mirren and Joseph Fiennes on the open letter - intended to reach the government before it determines British aid budgets for the next three years.

JULIAN FORSYTH, director of charity OXFAM - of which the stars are all supporters - outlines the appeal, "One billion people do not have access to clean water, 6,400 are dying from AIDS in Africa every day and over 100 million children in the world do not get a chance to go to school.

"Next year Blair and (Treasury chief GORDON) BROWN are poised to lead a breakthrough on reducing poverty but they must lay the groundwork now by making sure there is money in the bank to fund it."

03/06/2004 17:33