Working with Jude Law is like teaming up with the Beatles, according to director Kenneth Branagh - because women swoon in his presence. Branagh felt sure his sister-in-law would be one person who would be able to resist the heartthrob's charms - but even she fell in love with Law when the filmmaker invited the actor to his home for a meeting about their new film Sleuth. Branagh recalls, "My sister-in-law was staying with us and she'd just had her second child. She lived in the country and she said, `Look, I don't see anything, I don't read newspapers, I don't know about movie stars, I'm unimpressed... so don't expect me to go all kind of funny about this kind of movie star.' "Then he walked in the room... her knees completely started to wobble and she started to talk in a falsetto voice. "He needed to go to the loo... I turned around and she was sort of wandering around... going, `Unbelievable.'" But even Branagh was awed by Law: "He's so charming and unbelievably polite. He's everything else that goes with being a handsome lad, he's so civilised... He's a great guy."