Director Judd Apatow's drug references in films like PINEAPPLE EXPRESS have left his actress wife Leslie Mann fuming - because their fans keep coming to her to buy marijuana.
The Knocked Up actress admits she's been left in a conundrum since their little girls Iris and Maude both appeared in their dad's comedy 40 Year Old Virgin and the upcoming Funny People - because their films became instant hits with their friends' pot-smoking parents.
But since the couple have become popular for their crude humour on the big screen, the actress has become burnt out by "alarming" questions from other mums and dads - about how to smoke the drug and where to buy it.
She says, "They (my kids) can't see the movies and their friends can't see the movies, so it's not really on their radar at all. But the kids' parents see the movies, and I don't want them to think that we're some dirty pot smoking family.
"They like the movies a lot and they confide in me a lot about their pot-smoking ways. It is (alarming). They think I'm in some pot-smoking club. I don't know (if) they think I can help them get it. We don't (deal it). I don't smoke pot at all."