Director Judd Apatow was shocked when he shared an apartment with his friend Adam Sandler - because the superstar comic was desperate to see his penis. The Knocked Up filmmaker, 39, and Sandler, 40, lived together in their early 20s and Apatow refused to show his flatmate his manhood. But Sandler was persistent. Apatow says, "When we first moved in together, very early on he said, 'Let me see your penis.' I was like, 'No! What do you want to see that for?' He's like, 'I just want to know what I'm dealing with.' "He wasn't embarrassed about it... He would tell other people 'Judd won't show me it, he won't show me it.' "One day I'm going to the bathroom, standing up and I just see Adam over my shoulder. All he says to me is, 'All right, man. All right.' I guess it was all right."