Rockers Judas Priest have snubbed the opportunity to appear in a reality TV show because they fear it will cast a shadow over their other achievements. The BREAKING THE LAW hitmakers were offered a show in America, but weren't willing to risk being ridiculed, despite the success of shows such as ROCK SCHOOL starring Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Judas Priest frontman ROB HALFORD says, "Everybody is an exhibitionist these days. I've been offered a reality show to get country singers to do a metal-country song in Tennessee. It's mad isn't it? "When you're in a band like Priest, you have to think, 'Well hang on... if I do this, how's it going to reflect on the other great things I've been part of?' We're very careful about that in Priest. "Rock School's great for Gene because it's got substance and depth, and leaves you feeling good at the end of it, whereas some of the shows make you want to scream and change channel."