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O my god!!!2011 the last Judas Priest world tour???I just can’t believe this!!!Why that news?And why that news now on Christmas?1.For their fans,this news is the most bad gift they got ever on Christmas holydays…But…For me personally,this news is the most sadly news I ever heard related to my soul band and now on Christmas too,and the sadly thing is that is not just a rumour but is a true thing as far as these news already appears in their official site ,and here on My space and Facebook too,etc.But the most sadly thing related to their first part of their 2011 tour about Europe,is that for most of us,like me,and others,will be almost impossible to attend to these countries from their tour,and if they will not induce other countries in Europe then when they will induce the other part of their 2011 tour which probably will be for USA,and for Japan,definnetly for some of us,like me,and others,will be impossible to attend.2.For their fans,this news will be definitely the only last chance to re-see they live,or seen they for their first and last time.But…For me personnaly, because probably I will cannot attend to neither one of these locations,their first and last show in Romania,at Bucharest ,at Best Fest ,from 2008,11 july,will be my last memory from they,but also I hope they will not finish their musical carrer now ,and they will continue at least to enjoy us with some new studio albums and even some Dvd-s with shows from their all musical carrers(even if i hoped they will do a stage opera with their Nostradmus like The Wall of Pink Floyd,specially The Wall opera done by Roger Waters)3.For their fans,this news put the fans to do their inventory,related to their memories which they accumulate until now,such as how many of their music bought,how many of their live shows they attend,if they got an autograph or not,etc…But …For me personnaly, this news make me to do my own inventory,and if I look back,I am sad that I discovered their music such late,just now 4 years ago, and I didn’t succed to have all their original music long time ago,but I am proud today I already have this entirely,and because I discovered them so late,I didn’t succed to attend to many of their shows,but I am proud that I attend to their first show in my country now 2 years ago,and I hope that Halford band will not stop yet their live activity and will come to my country too,and even in my city Arad,to our Rock on Mures Fest,and finnaly because I discovered them so late, I didn’t’ succed to meet Rob Halford,personally,to salute him,to do a photo with him,and take an autograph,but I am proud that I got one from Scott Travis,and I hope I will get one from Rob too,if he will come with Halford band even to Romania,but most than this,even if I discovered them so late,also I am very proud that I was one of their fans which got the chance to keep a short corepsondence with Miss.Jayne ,their manager,with mr.Mark ,their art editor,and with Mr.Murray,their webmaster,peoples which passed my correspondence to the band and to Rob,to know they have a new fan from a country where they even didn’t knew they will ever come,and more than this,I am proud that I dedicated all my net pages to the band,and to Rob,and any will happen,they will remain ever my soulband,and I will continue to fight for the induction of their and of Rob into Rock Roll Hall of Fame and for bring them a star on Walk of Fame.I still cant' belive this news,but unfortunately is a true news!But you Judas Priest shouldn’t gaved us this news now on Christmas!Also I love you and I will always love you my soul band!!!Gloria Romana Suciu(Halford)The Queen of Metal GodRob Halford

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by GLORIA_ROMANA


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