Goodbye For Now will appear on his upcoming Mis planes son amarte album, which will be released later this year.

"Four or five years ago I started recording in English, but honestly I find it very difficult," Juanes told The Associated Press. "I did a few experiments and they didn't come out very well, until finally this time... I felt more comfortable doing it."

The song is a collaboration between the Colombian star and hitmaker PooBear, who has written tracks for Usher and Chris Brown.

"He is an incredible songwriter," Juanes said. "We sat there and talked about feelings and things and he would choose the right words. To me this is something very hard to do in English, but I really had the desire to try."

Goodbye For Now will be the only English-language song on Mis planes son amarte. The album will feature his singles Fuego and Hermosa ingrata.