The actor and his publicist were reported missing on Wednesday (23Nov16), and they were found gunned down in their car in Santa Maria Mazatla on Thursday (24Nov16).

Following the sad news, Lopez's friends and colleagues are now honouring his memories with messages on social media.

"I am very moved by the death of our loved and charismatic Renato...," Juanes wrote on Instagram. "I am left without words after knowing what happened...

"Only two weeks ago he was with me in Medellin as part of our video. I think about his family, his girlfriend, friends, peers and I can't find peace, only in prayer. It was in honor to have you on our journey. Such great sadness."

"Until forever, friend," Mexican actress Dulce Maria wrote on Twitter. "Sometimes, although we don't understand it, God has a greater purpose over so much pain, I'll take you with me because you were a good soul."

Police are currently investigating the shootings.