Colombian pop star Juanes has received death threats over a planned Cuba concert.
Cuban-Americans criticised Juanes for his plans to perform in Havana on 20 September (09), claiming the gig endorses the Communist-led government of Fidel and Raul Castro.
And now the police have been called in after the criticism turned nasty.
In a police report dated 15 August (09) and obtained by, Juanes claims someone sent him a message on, which read, "I hate what you are saying but you will die for defending your right to say it."
Police are taking the threats seriously and keeping a watch on Juanes' home in Florida.
Juanes has considered scrapping the concert, but his spokesman, John Reilly, tells the show will go on.
He says, "The vast majority of communication Juanes is receiving from both fans on Twitter and everyday people he comes into contact with in Miami continues to be overwhelmingly supportive."