Review of Baby You Should Know Single by Joy Zipper

Joy Zipper

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Joy Zipper - Baby You Should Know - Single Review


Baby You Should Know

(out now on Vertigo Records)

New Yorkers Vinny Cafiso and Tabitha Tindale blend together like the Arsenal midfield to produce a soothing and tender number that that substantiates the Shakespearian view that the “Eyes are the mirror of the soul”. The single is built around Tabitha’s lush Bjork meets Thea Gilmore vocals that lift the track beyond the standard one dimensional pop song category. Neat backing vocals and My Bloody Valentine

Joy Zipper - Baby You Should Know - Single Review

style instrumentals provide a firm base for Tabitha’s vocals and give the track an intriguing feel, having the potential to grow on you in the same way a Radiohead track would have done in their helm.

The single is complemented by the tingling ‘Unchained Melody’ based ’50 Ways’ that sees Vinny take on a neat solo with his Ian McCulloch grappling with Ian Curtis vocal style giving the track a darker edge. Joy Zipper have the enthusiasm, the mystery and the variety to capture the interest of indie and pop music lovers alike and have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ to keep the flame of interest in them burning.

David Adair