LATEST: Former JOY DIVISION bassist PETER HOOK has blasted the thieves who stole late lead singer Ian Curtis' head stone.
The rocker reveals he has made regular visits to Curtis' grave in MACclesfield, England, since he committed suicide in 1980.
Hook says, "I must admit that in my life I've been to Ian's stone a lot. It's somewhere, especially with the effect it had on me after what we did, it's somewhere that I go for a moment of quiet reflection just to give the guy a nod."
Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris has already appealed for the stone's return, saying, "I just don't understand why anyone would do it. You couldn't sell it on eBay - it's ridiculous and very upsetting. I'm speechless. It really is not a very nice thing at all."
Police are investigating the theft, which took place last week (ends4Jul08).