Joy Behar, the American comedian and writer, kissed the actress Lisa Rinna on 'The Joy Behar Show', on Wednesday night (6th October 2010) 47-year-old Rinna has recently undergone lip reduction surgery, and she appeared on Behar's talk show with her husband Harry Hamlin to promote their new reality series 'Harry Loves Lisa', reports
However, Behar was insistent that she put Rinna's new lips to the test, and on Thursday morning she told her co-hosts on 'The View', "I kissed her last night just to test it. I was testing the lips". Co-host Sherri Shepherd then asked, "What did it feel like?", to which Behar replied, "They felt like two little pillows, you know? That you could rest your head on". Rinna recently admitted to having the surgery after becoming frustrated with her 20-year-old silicone implants, telling People Magazine, "It gave everyone online permission to lambaste me. It hurt my feelings".
It's not the first time that 68-year-old Behar has locked lips with a studio guest, back in 2009, she spontaneously kissed the actress Whoopi Goldberg after a discussion on how to avoid spreading germs during the swine flu scare.