Tatum O'Neal reveals her difficult relationship with her parents in her new autobiography.

The former child star releases 'Found: A Daughter's Journey Home' tomorrow (21.06.11) - the follow up to 2004's 'A Paper Life' - and discusses her early childhood abuse at the hands of her mother and mother's boyfriend and how she longed to be "saved" be her father Ryan O'Neal.

The tome goes on to explore her troubled relationship with Ryan, her drug addiction and doomed marriage to tennis player John McEnroe, with who she has three children.

As well as preparing for the release of her book, Tatum is also starring in a new reality TV series with her father, and the actress recently admitted she had no idea whether the show, entitled 'The O'Neals: Ryan and Tatum', would help her troubled relationship with her famous parent.

She said: "I sort of took a journey with my dad with this show to see what would happen. It didn't necessarily make us together. It didn't necessarily push us to this happy ending.

"This is about forgiveness...this is about trying to shut a door and open another one. I don't know if it's going to work. It may or it may not, but I'm going to try."