Former Journey frontman Steve Perry is recovering from surgery after doctors removed a cancerous mole from his face.

The 64 year old has been left with a large scar on the right side of his cheek after undergoing two medical procedures in May (13).

In a post on his official website, he writes, "Three weeks ago a routine mole was taken off my face and the lab report came back Melanoma skin cancer. I've had two surgeries in two weeks to remove all the cancer cells and I've been told they think they got it all and no other treatments are required."

But Perry admits the health scare was particularly traumatic because he lost his girlfriend, psychologist Kellie Nash, to bone, breast and lung cancer in December (12), less than two years after they met while working on Five, a 2011 special for America's Lifetime Tv.

He writes, "We started seeing each other and... she continued chemo from May into December (11) when headaches started and we discovered the cancer had gone to her brain. She started brain radiation and the chemo continued also. I've never seen courage like this before. One night as we were talking she told me she just couldn't do it anymore and (asked if I would) be angry if she stopped everything. I was scared for what could happen but I told her that never, to my very last breath would I ever be angry with her and that I loved her...

"January and February (12) were rough on her then one day she said she wanted to try one last treatment that was not chemo but it was in New York. I said, 'Let's move to New York'... so we lived there for 9 months and the drug kept her alive with a quality of life. We had the most Magical summer of our lives together. She was doing really well till August (12). She said, 'Something's wrong.' We later found that her cancer was returning like wild fire...

"I lost my precious Kellie (on) December 14th 2012. She was so strong, so courageous and we really loved each other so very much. I've been trying to grieve and not run from this loss so for the last 5 months that's what I've been doing along with recalling everything being in Love with Kellie taught me. She helped me in so many ways. I Love and miss her terribly... Though Kellie and I were only together for 1 and 1/2 years, it was a lifetime of love packed into every moment."