Jourdan Dunn is set to star in Swarovski's new jewellery campaign.

The 26-year-old model has partnered with the accessories company and is set to appear in the label's Autumn/Winter 2017 commercial titled #BeBrilliant alongside 'Orange Is The New Black' actress Ruby Rose, Fei Fei Sun and Swarovski's brand ambassador Karlie Kloss.

And the catwalk icon - who has seven-year-old son Riley - has hinted she is honoured to have been selected to join forces with the fashion house because she believes accessories are an essential part of every outfit, and she believes ''timeless pieces'' are the perfect finishing touch for an evening ensemble.

She said: ''The day is all about rings and bracelets for me - timeless pieces that go with anything. The night is always about a necklace or statement earrings.''

The luxury label have revealed the forthcoming range reflects the true heritage of the brand, and depict ''modern glamour with an extraordinary twist''.

Speaking about the designs featured in the #BeBrilliant line, Swarovski's Creative Director, Nathalie Colin, said: ''This collection represents my creative vision for the brand, respecting and nurturing the exceptional Swarovski heritage ... Swarovski is all about modern glamour - with an extraordinary twist.''

Meanwhile Jourdan, who made her runway debut in 2007 aged 16 years old, has admitted despite being at the helm of the fashion industry for one decade she still feels ''emotional'' and is left feeling tired with her busy work schedule.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I say that every show season it can be a lot and you're travelling and it takes a lot out of you and I get emotional when I'm tired and hungry and rushed up and down.

''Fashion weeks are only two months out of the year and I can go back to my usual routine and try and be in the moment.''