Jourdan Dunn says the best thing about being a model is ''getting paid.''

The glamorous supermodel - who shot to fame in 2008 and has modelled for Calvin Klein, Victoria's Secret and Saint Laurent - admits the only perk of her job in the fashion industry is having the big bucks rolling in from fancy shoots and catwalk appearances.

When asked what the best thing about being a model is, she simply replied: ''Getting paid.''

The brunette beauty - who is known for her outspoken comments and stunning figure - regularly hits out at the industry for the lack of black models and the obsession with big breasts, but she claims she's not a ''loudmouth'', she just wants to voice her opinions.

Speaking to GQ America, she explained: ''People think that I'm against fashion--or that I'm ghetto or a loudmouth.

''I'm not. But if speaking my opinion makes me that girl, fine. I'll take that crown.''

The 23-year-old beauty, who hails from Greenford in west London, previously said she feels inspired when she walks down the streets of London because she feels her fellow hometown fashion lovers have creative and unique tastes.

She said earlier this month: ''The city with the most inspiring style is London. I've never been anywhere that matches the diversity and energy of the way people dress here.''