Jourdan Dunn's collection with Missguided will be unveiled next month.

The 26-year-old model has teamed up with the popular online fashion house to design a new collection titled LONDUNN x MISSGUIDED, and the brunette beauty has revealed her line will launch online and in store on March 11.

Alongside a picture of the catwalk icon's campaign spread across a large billboard, which was shared on her Instagram account, she wrote: ''LONDUNN inna LONDON! Londunn Missguided


#londunnxmissguided (sic).''

And the brand have also confirmed the release date on their social media page.

Alongside an advert of the fashion mogul sporting a black bralette and white jacket, which they uploaded to their photo sharing site, they wrote: ''COMING SOON #LONDUNNxMISSGUIDED by @jourdandunn 11.03.17 #missguided#jourdandunn (sic).''

Jourdan - who has seven-year-old son Riley Dunn - teased she was working on a new project with Missguided earlier this month with a behind-the-scenes picture of her on the photoshoot.

She captioned a picture of her wearing a two piece underwear set, which had her the title of her capsule emblazoned across the elastic waistline of the bra and knicker set: ''LONDUNNxMISSGUIDED #bts #sooncome (sic)''.

And the label are ''super excited'' they have been able to collaborate with ''mega babe'' Jourdan on the new collection.

Speaking previously, they wrote: ''We're super excited to be working with this mega babe for LONDUNN + MISSGUIDED by @jourdandunn COMING SOON #londunnxmissguided #jourdandunn#missguided (sic).''

And the entrepreneur - who has previously launched a childrenswear range with Marks and Spencer Lil LonDunn by Jourdan Dunn last year - is desperate to see more ''girls of colour'' in the fashion industry.

Speaking previously, she said: ''There are definitely a lot more girls of colour being represented. But I also feel like we're 100 per cent still not there. I want to see us get to a place where seeing a black girl, anywhere, is not such a big deal. Why can't it just be the norm to see black models in campaigns and on covers and runways? It's still too much of a big thing when this happens.''