Jourdan Dunn modelled until she was six months pregnant.

The 22-year-old supermodel walked the catwalk until she was heavily pregnant with her son, Riley, and couldn't fit into the clothes anymore.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: ''I worked until I was six months pregnant, when I couldn't fit into any of the clothes. I didn't keep my pregnancy a secret especially, but I worried about how people would treat me when they found out. I worried about being judged, but I realised I can't live for other people.''

Jourdan was 19 when she had her son - who suffers from sickle-cell anaemia - and returned to modelling when she was 20, and says the fashion community have been very understand about her being a working mother.

She added: ''And I have felt very supported within the fashion industry. The agency really looked out for me. I went back to work after nine months - I didn't feel any pressure to go back quickly, and when I did everyone was really supportive. I've had a good experience. The models with children would make sure I was eating properly and gave me a private area to breastfeed, and Heidi Mount, who has a child, is great.''

Jourdan is planning to relocate to New York to model, and while she is apprehensive, is sure it can help her provide for a better future.

She added: ''[Heidi's] going to be my advice line when I move to New York. It's exciting but the thought of moving to New York and finding the right nanny - especially one who knows about sickle-cell - really scares me.

''At the start of my career, I was dead against it, but now I feel I should go for a year, make my money, come back, buy a house and everything will be cool.''