Jourdan Dunn was ''embarrassed as hell'' when she fell over in front of Naomi Campbell.

The 24-year-old beauty has confessed she still cringes at the memory of taking her first tumble on the runway in front of the world-renowned supermodel.

Speaking about her most embarrassing model moments in a new video for Vogue magazine, entitled 'At Home with Jourdan Dunn', she said: ''When I did a show... there is a show in London and Naomi was walking it and I took my first trip on the runway.

''I was embarrassed as hell because Naomi went backstage and was like, 'Who fell? Who fell?' And I was like...''

The mother of one - who has a five-year-old son, Riley - also shared her pet hates in the clip, counting feet and speaking on the phone amongst the things that annoy her the most.

She said: ''Keep your shoes on. I don't want to see feet. I hate feet. I hate my own feet.

''I hate talking on the phone. If you phone me while I'm texting I will not answer. I will continue texting.''