The much-hyped Avengers movie had its Hollywood premiere on Wednesday night (April 11, 2012), in front of the usual mix of industry professionals, celebrities and junket press, though it appears Joss Whedon isn't done with the film just yet.

According to, while the audience were enjoying the movie inside the theatre, Whedon and the entire cast were assembling once again, to shoot another scene. What they shot is being described as a "closely-guarded secret", but the strange timing came so the crew could get all the main stars - including SCARLET JOHANSSON and Robert Downey Jr - in the same place. At the press conference, Downey had hinted that the team were planning to shoot a new scene, however, Whedon later played down the story, saying, "Sounds like it was Downey just having fun". It seems as though the director was simply trying to keep things under wraps, with actor Mark Ruffalo later insisting it was true. Jeremy 'Beaks' Smith of 'Ain't It Cool News' says he has the news confirmed that the scene should drop into the film for the worldwide release next month.

The Avengers opens in theaters everywhere on May 4, 2012. A number of fan screenings will take place in the U.S. this weekend, though the new scene is unlikely to have been added in time.