The trailer for Joss Whedon 's forthcoming horror-thriller 'The Cabin in the Woods' finally hit the web this week - bringing with it a collective sigh of relief from fans of the director who were perhaps a little apprehensive about his latest project.
The 'Buffy' creator has waited years for his movie, filmed in early 2009, to get the green-light for release. Original slated to open in 2010, the project hit the backburner following the bankruptcy of studio Mgm. However, with a distribution deal in place with Lionsgate, The Cabin in the Woods will finally see the light of day and judging by the trailer, it will have been worth the wait. At first glance, Whedon's movie appears to tick all the cliche horror boxes - young students loading up a van and travelling into the middle of nowhere - but it promises to offer a modern day twist on the classic 'teenagers trapped in the woods' genre, according to Los Angeles Times. The clip opens with the excited kids taking off on their summer trip and soon coming across a disused gas station - with Chris Hemsworth delivering the beautifully predictable line, "I'm guessing this thing doesn't take credit cards". Right on cue, a slightly dishevelled looking local wanders out of the building and when asked for directions to the 'cabin in the woods', portentously replies, "I can get you's getting back.that's your concern". The rest of the trailer sees the cast, including Fran Kranz, frantically running around the woods trying to escape from something or someone.
In a comedic sequence, a bloody-looking Hemsworth tells the rest of the gang, "This isn't right. We should split up", with someone agreeing, "Yeah, good idea", before Franz character pleads, "Really!?". The Cabin in the Woods hits cinemas on April 13, 2012.