It seems American audiences couldn't care less that teen beauty Joss Stone's reputation in the UK has plummeted recently, as the music-buying public sent her to number two in the US Billboard album chart.

The barefooted singer has made a few PR hashes in recent weeks in her home country, starting with the slightly bemusing, pseudo-Californian accent she adopted at the Brit Awards in February, and followed up by boos at concerts when she turned up late.

Nevertheless, the stunning 19-year-old seems to have convinced those stateside that her Devonshire accent is acceptable with a West Coast inflection, as Billboard announced her latest album INTRODUCING JOSS STONE sold 118,000 in its first week  just 11,000 behind number one rock act Modest Mouse.

Joss is riding the wave of interest in all things British in the US, with fellow Brits Amy Winehouse, James Blunt, CORINNE BAILEY RAE and even Lily Allen finding success in the US.

But things are not so great for Joss in Blighty, as her new album debuted at number 12 before slipping to a lowly 24.

29/03/2007 16:40:19