Joss Stone dreams of one day launching her own record label to help wannabe singers release music without worrying about looking sexy.
The 23 year old is outspoken about her ongoing feuds with her label EMI, waging war on its executives by blasting them in the press after they repeatedly postponed the release of her fourth album, Colour Me Free!
Stone claims EMI bosses even tried to force her into fitting the image of a sexy pop star, despite her attempts to shift the focus to her singing talents.
And she hopes to one day start up her own company - so she'll no longer have to deal with the industry's obsession with looks.
She says, "It would be nice to set up my own label in the future. It's just so sad that we have to fight to be real.
"I've never let the record label use my body or full face on a record sleeve. It's about my music, not my face or legs. I'm like all women: I don't think I have the perfect body. I'm a singer not a model and I wish more musicians would think of that."