British soul star Joss Stone can't wait for a paparazzo to try and shoot up her dress - because she'll beat the cheeky snapper up. Following pop star Britney Spears' panty-less party shots, which appeared all over the internet, over-zealous photographers are attempting to get shots of the next genitals-flashing star. Stone insists it won't be her because she always wears underwear, but she'll react if any snapper wants to make sure. She tells, "We shouldn't be mad at Britney Spears because she didn't wear underwear. That's her choice. She wasn't hurting anybody... She decided not to wear underwear. Maybe she wanted a little breeze. "We should be mad at the guy who posted it (photo) on the internet... That's a really mean, nasty, malicious, terrible thing to do to somebody. "If anybody shoved a camera up my skirt I'd knock them on their ass in about five seconds."