Teenage soul sensation Joss Stone has defended her anti-poverty stance, despite being a millionaire.

Stone is one of dozens of millionaire singers and bands taking to the stage on Saturday (02JUL05) at the Live 8 concerts in London, which aims to pressurise world leaders to end poverty in Africa.

The A-listers' charitable concerns have been met with criticism by some of the public and media, who claim the stars should give their a percentage of their huge salaries to people in the developing world.

Stone fumes, "Hand on my heart, I'm so far from that (filthy rich) it ain't true.

"Someone needs to tell me where the money is because I cannot find the s**t. I mean, I was like 'Please - where the hell is it?'

"I have bought one thing for myself - a white Lexus and it's gorgeous. But that's all I've bought."

Stone has reportedly earned $9 million (GBP5 million) from sales of her albums THE SOUL SESSIONS and MIND BODY AND SOUL.

27/06/2005 08:50