Soul star Joss Stone literally sent her manager mum packing after learning she was dating her musical director. The British singer admits having her mother as her manager was never ideal and their relationship became tense when Stone realised her mum and her drummer, Jonathan Joseph, were lovers. She says, "At that point, I just had to send my mum home. She took care of me and did a good job, but it was time for me to move on. "It's ridiculous having your mother manage you. I said so at the time, but no one wanted to listen to me. "I wanted a real manager, someone with 30 years in the business. Not my mum. "We're still very tight, and anything she needs, she has it." Stone's mother has now wed Joseph and the couple live in London. The singer fears she'll never get over the shock of discovering her mum had a lover in the band: "I thought my mum was an angel but I realised that parents are human. "My mum came out to the US with me and saw the world, and for over 20 years, she had taken care of three kids while my dad went off at work... I'm like her mum now."