LATEST: British soul star Joss Stone has refuted claims she's undergoing speech therapy to correct her US twang. The singer, who hails from Devon, England, surprised fans at last week's (14FEB07) Brit Awards when she spoke in a strong American accent. Her publicist has already explained Stone was simply nervous, but has now been forced to quash claims the hurtful newspaper reports have made Stone seek voice coaching. He says, "There has been all sorts of debate about what Joss said and how she said it at the Brits. But the idea she is having speech therapy is complete nonsense. "I am sure Joss will answer any questions about what she said at the Brits herself in due course. "Her accent is stronger when she has just returned from the US, just as it gets less pronounced the more time she spends back home. And she still thinks of the UK as home."