British soul singer Joss Stone began recording tracks for her forthcoming album in secret - because she didn't want her label to interfere with the process.
The You Had Me star is signed to EMI, which is now owned by business giant Terra Firma. The takeover in August 2007 resulted in a number of EMI's biggest artists leaving the label, including Radiohead and the Rolling Stones.
But Stone is tied to the company via her contract and she was determined to make an album that she was truly happy with - so she recorded it without her label chiefs' knowledge.
She says, "I recorded the bulk of my new album in the space of a week in February this year. But it was like a secret - not a secret from the world, but a secret from the record company, because, basically, I didn't want them f**king with it.
"EMI was going through a lot of change at the time. It's a very long story but there aren't many people left there that I know now.
"I recorded the album at my mum's house in Devon. It was like a building site at the time, so it was just me and a crew in two bare rooms with a mic."