British soul star Joss Stone's troubled half-brother Daniel Skillin bribed prison officers to let him watch her perform on TV, because he had never seen her sing before.

When former drug addict Skillin was imprisoned for attempting to rob a post office with a hammer, he had no idea his half-sister possessed such a striking singing voice - and by the time of his release in 2004, she had become an international phenomenon.

Skillin insists he is forever indebted to the YOU HAD ME beauty for keeping his spirits up when he was at his lowest ebb.

He says, "Joss has stood by me through thick and thin. She's a diamond. At one point I was in hell - now I am off drugs and have been chatted up by Lindsay Lohan in LA.

"I didn't know she could sing until six months before she went on the television talent show STAR FOR A NIGHT. I begged and pleaded a prison officer to tape it for me.

"It cost me a couple of Mars bars. That's how you get things done in jail. I was so proud. But I didn't think anything was going to come of it. The next thing my mum was telling me record companies were after her.

"I was disappointed I wasn't there to look after Joss when she started getting famous. I want to say thank you to Joss for being the sister she has been to me. We are as close as ever."