LATEST: Joss Stone has silenced ongoing rumours she is dating British R+B singer Lemar, insisting she is still in love with former flame BEAU DOZIER. The YOU HAD ME singer split from the American music producer in November (05) after an 18 month romance, and has been repeatedly romantically linked to Lemar since. Last week (ends02JUN06) the pair were spotted holidaying in Barbados together, but Stone is adamant she's not over her ex yet. She says, "I still love him - he'll always has a very special place in my heart. You don't just stop loving someone because you're not going out with them. We split because the relationship had become a friendship and we'll always be friends." Stone adds, "Lemar is a great friend and an excellent artist. But I'm still young, free and single and I'm happy that way. "I'd love a boyfriend if the timing was right but at the moment I'm working on my new album. Lemar and I are great mates but we're not an item."