Soul singer Joss Stone has confessed she has a surprise guest on her new album - former British soccer star Vinnie Jones. The 19-year-old Stone recruited the sportsman-turned-actor to speak during an interlude on her latest work, INTRODUCING JOSS STONE, and reveals he also displays his vocal skills on a hidden track. She tells MTV, "(I said to him), 'You know, I've made this album and want to play it for you to see if you're interested (in doing) a little chat for me at the beginning cos I love your voice'. "He went silent for about half a second and then said 'Yeah, all right, I'll do it'. No thought! I love that about him. And we sing at the end - it's like a secret track. You leave it rolling for a little bit and then you hear it." And Stone feels she shares the same attitude as the LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS star. The British singer adds, "He's got that spirit, that's just like 'f*ck it', which is my spirit as well - we kinda connect like that.