British singer Joss Stone has slammed funnyman Russell Brand and rapper Kanye West over their outbursts at awards ceremonies.
The star famously fell out with Brand during the Brit Awards in 2007, when she took to the stage to defend Robbie Williams after Brand made fun of the singer's rehabilitation treatment.
Now she has lashed out at the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star again - and added West to her list of enemies over his onstage protest at Taylor Swift picking up the Female Video of the Year honour at the MTV Video Music Awards in September (09).
She says, "(Brand's) a disgusting pig. Mean, mean, mean. What he said about Robbie was horrible. You can't kick someone when they're down... But that's the kind of person Russell Brand is. He's just unpleasant... I just think some people are genuinely nasty characters, and he's one of them. I'm glad I don't know him....
"What Russell Brand did to Robbie is just like what Kanye did to Taylor. I don't care how talented you are: doing things like that is not nice. So f**k off... Kanye just wants attention. As simple as that... let's not make excuses. It's not fair to judge other people and to try to destroy their careers. Come on! Just stop it. Be nice!"