Joss Stone has blasted the British media for falsely reporting that fame has turned her into a diva who's constantly feuding with her parents.

The soul beauty is disgusted by the way journalists insinuated she sacked her mother, WENDY as her manager because of the unrelenting rows that were tearing the pair apart.

Instead, Stone remains adamant they parted company because she wants Wendy to be a mum, not a business associate.

And she's sick of the subsequent lies that have been published about her relationship with her parents - who recently separated - because it upsets her family.

She says, "People hear that I'm suing my parents and they think that's true. My mum was upset about it. She gets more affected by that sort of thing than I do. But that makes me mad.

"The reason people write stuff like that is because she was managing me and now she's not, so they've made it out like I don't like her. But she's not managing me because she's my mum. No other reason.

"I'd rather have a mum than a manager, and now she can come out on the road as my mum."

13/03/2005 21:23