Sexy soul singer Joss Stone seems determined to lose as many fans as possible, after keeping crowds waiting at her gig last night for more than two and a half hours.

With no support acts in between, the 19-year-old didn't exactly endear herself to the fans when she finally appeared on stage  without an apology.

And with the crowd booing already, Joss had a hard task of bringing them around, especially as she started off her set with three numbers from her new album, which were unknown to many fans.

Despite being one of the brightest young talents of recent British music, Joss seems to be having difficulty dealing with fame at such a young age, according to critics. Some say the barefooted soul singer still has a beautiful voice, but a recent spate of PR faux pas have not helped her cause as an artist.

Joss recently bemoaned having a multi-million pound lifestyle and having to fly all around the world performing. And the teenager from Devon managed to produce a bizarre mid-Atlantic US accent when delivering an award at the Brits, which infuriated many fans.

07/03/2007 15:35:39