The second man, implicated in the plot to rob and murder soul singer Joss Stone, has received a sentence of 18 years. The man in question, 32-year-old Junior Bradshaw and his partner in crime, Kevin Liverpool, were convicted of the murder plot two months ago, with Liverpool later receiving a life sentence with a minimum of ten years and eight months, according to the BBC. Bradshaw’s sentence however, was delayed, while the court awaited psychiatric reports.

Joss Stone, ITV Studios
The second man, responsible for the plot, has been jailed.

While Bradshaw was found to have an IQ of 65, the judge at Exeter Crown Court ruled that the man had been aware of his actions. However, he was deemed more of a “foot soldier,” working according to Liverpool’s instructions and his sentence was therefore reduced. Mr Martin Meeke, QC, defending, said the reports confirmed that Bradshaw was vulnerable due to his low IQ, which made him susceptible to Liverpool’s manipulation. Back at the time of the incident, the pair were found with a body bag and a large number of weapons, including a samurai sword and hammers.

Joss Stone, Cannes Film Festival
The singer was at home at the time.

The pair had set out for Stone’s Devon house along with their arsenal and several handwritten notes, detailing the plan. On the road to the 25-year-old singer’s house, the pair stopped at a petrol station, from which they drove off without paying, got lost driving around the countryside and had to stop to ask for directions. According to accounts from the night, they stopped at Callumpton, about seven miles away from their destination. It was at this point that local residents became suspicious and called the police, who found the men’s arsenal and subsequently made the arrest.

Joss Stone, ITV Studios
The attempt on the singer's life was thwarted by local residents.