Devon beauty Joss Stone's week is not getting any better, after being ridiculed again this time for writing a 7,000-word thank you list for her new album.

In what has now become a typical diva-like move for the 19-year-old, the soul singer thanked literally hundreds of people for helping on her new album INTRODUCING JOSS STONE, even having to re-direct people from her album sleeve to a website to carry on the thanks.

Those mentioned in the huge list include James Brown, VINNIE JONES, Lemar, Lauryn Hill, the teenager's pets, and of course the obligatory mention of God.

Stone's album, her third in the UK, was released on Monday but comes after a few weeks of media insults following the youngster's continual faux pas at the Brit Awards and in interviews.

It seems Stone recently lost a fair number of fans after turning up two hours late for a gig in London, while continuing to act the diva. She also managed to make the audience cringe at the Brits with her faux Californian accent, and also made no friends by moaning about her Millionaire lifestyle in a recent interview.

15/03/2007 16:52:06