Joss Stone has an "atrocious personality".

The 22-year-old singer - who was criticised for adopting an American accent after moving to the US in 2006 - believes she stopped connecting with fans because of the way she portrays herself.

She told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "I think I suffered a backlash not because of my music but because of me - my atrocious personality probably.

"I don't give away too much about my private life so people just make stuff up. It doesn't matter what I do or don't say.

"I can just chill alone for months and still be labelled the biggest b***h in the world.

"But my hair has changed - it's my real colour now. And I've made a simple album that I love."

Joss is proud of her new LP 'Colour Me Free', and is confident the material marks a return to the sound which made her famous.

She said: "I finally got a chance to make music without people sitting over my shoulder and telling me what to think or play.

"When I did my last album I was obsessed with getting it right. Now I'm just like, 'F**k it, let's go make some noise.' "