Stunning movie babe Josie Maran has hinted at a troubled relationship with her Van Helsing co-stars Kate Beckinsale, Silvia Colloca and Elena Anaya during the making of the action film last year (03).

The model-turned-actress played one of Count Dracula's three vampire brides in the Steven Sommers movie opposite Hugh Jackman and admits she wasn't exactly best friends with her fellow actresses.

Maran says, "One of them was Italian (Colloca), one of them was Spanish (Anaya), and then there was me. They were very girly, they had very strict ideas about what's right and what's wrong.

"I was just a freak to those girls."

And when asked about Beckinsale - who recently married Underworld director Len Wiseman, Maran simply replied, "No comment."

Despite Maran's reluctance to elaborate about her relationship with the English beauty, the former MAYBELLINE spokesmodel admits she was upset when Martin Scorsese cast Beckinsale to play Ava Gardner in The Aviator after Maran spent weeks studying Gardner's mannerisms and dress sense in the hope of landing the part.

Maran eventually scored a small part as a cigarette girl in a scene with LEONARDO DiCAPRIO.

24/05/2004 02:13