Joshua Jackson has dismissed fears his relationship with theatre co-star Patrick Stewart has turned soured after the Brit confessed he'd never heard of the young actor.

Jackson and Stewart have teamed up on the London stage for two-man show A LIFE IN THE THEATRE, but the Star Trek veteran recently admitted he'd never watched the American star's hit TV drama DAWSON'S CREEK or any of his movies.

But far from being upset by the revelation, Jackson understands why his past work would never have appealed to the 64-year-old.

He says, "I wasn't really surprised that Patrick hasn't seen Dawson's Creek. There was no reason why he should. Of course, I knew about him: I was a fan, though not really of Star Trek but of X-Men.

"I know young actors say this all the time, but I've learned a lot from Patrick. The past weeks have been the best professional experience of my life."

23/02/2005 14:36