DAWSON'S CREEK star Joshua Jackson has been admitted into an alcohol education programme - after he was arrested at a hockey game.

Jackson was placed in the programme on Wednesday (09APR03) after admitting he was drunk and disruptive at a CAROLINA HURRICANES game on 9 November last year (02).

The 24-year-old - who plays PACEY in the hit TV drama - allegedly grabbed a security guard around the neck and punched him.

Prosecutors have agreed to dismiss a simple assault charge and amend the drunk and disruptive charge by omitting the fighting allegation.

As part of the programme, Jackson must attend 15 hours of alcohol and substance abuse education - which costs $150 (GBP100) - and complete 24 hours of community service.

He must also remain employed and not be convicted of any misdemeanour or felony charges while in the programme.

If Jackson completes all the requirements by 9 October (03), prosecutors will dismiss the drunk and disruptive charge. He then can seek to have the charge dropped from his record.

Jackson's lawyer, BRAD BANNON, says, "We thought it was the most appropriate outcome under the circumstances."