Movie star Josh Lucas hopes he never has to film another adventure movie like POSEIDON because the shoot left him injured and in immense pain.

The SWEET HOME ALABAMA star felt sure the experience of filming with director Wolfgang Petersen would be a challenge, but he had no idea what he'd be expected to do in the deep sea disaster remake.

Lucas tore a muscle in his hand during one stunt and had to wear a splint to ease the pain - and that was just the start of his troubles.

He recalls, "The muscle actually rolled back up into my thumb and they had to put in two inch slits on either side to go in and rebuild it, and reconnect it through surgery.

"Poseidon was physically, insanely difficult. Basically Wolfgang's whole thing was, 'I do not want to have a movie that relies on computer generated images, and so what I'm going to do is I'm going to have real situations.'

"When you watch the movie, you're going to see the walls are actually imploding from the pressure of the water, and there are massive canons of water shooting at us, and there are fires and all of it is real."