LATEST: Animated fairytale HOODWINKED has displaced basketball drama GLORY ROAD at the top of the Martin Luther King Day weekend box office in America after a Sunday (15JAN06) surge.

Glory Road was the clear winner at the box office going into Sunday, but official figures show the modern take on LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD nudged ahead.

Once all figures were recorded, Hoodwinked beat Josh Lucas' real-life basketball story by just $100,000 (GBP55,500), and topped the box office with a $16.6 million (GBP9.2 million) debut.

Queen Latifah's new comedy, LAST HOLIDAY, stayed in third place with a $15.7 million (GBP8.7 million) debut.

The only other new movie to make the top 10 list was the romance TRISTAN + ISOLDE, which failed to make the initial top 10 on Sunday (15JAN06). It debuted in eighth place with a gross of $7.9 million (GBP4.4 million).