Josh Hutcherson says Selena Gomez ''really went all in'' while filming their new ensemble movie, 'In Dubious Battle.'

The 24-year-old actor claims he could hear his co-star ''screaming'' half a mile away while she was shooting a scene in which her character gives birth.

He said: ''That was intense. She went for it. I wasn't in that scene but I was on set and you could her screaming and going for it a f**king half-mile away. She really went all in.''

The 'Hunger Games' star is also currently promoting his directorial debut 'Ape, which is part of a series of five shorts produced by the actor and his mother Michelle Hutcherson's Turkeyfoot Productions, Indigenous Media and Condé Nast Entertainment.

And Josh is eager to continue working behind the camera.

He told ''I've always wanted to direct. Directing definitely preceded acting for me. Before I really actually started in the business, I was directing my friends in movies in Kentucky. But they hated every moment of it and would quit often, so I didn't finish one of those projects. Now I'm going for redemption. I'm absolutely addicted to directing.''

While the 'Hunger Games' series is finished, John would consider making another film in the future, he said: ''I loved the experience, I loved playing the character. I love the crew and our cast was great, the best. If it felt natural and right and not like a milking-the-cow money grab then I would for sure be down. I have no qualms at all about that--as long as they don't create some s**t story so they can make some more money.''