Rocker Josh Homme was convinced he had become the victim of a cheeky prank when he received a phone call from Sir Elton John asking to be a part of the new Queens Of The Stone Age album.

The Rocket Man has made a guest appearance on the group's upcoming project ...Like Clockwork, and Homme reveals the collaboration was all down to the gay icon after he became a fan of the singer's work with rock supergroup Them Crooked Vultures.

He tells British radio station Xfm, "(Elton) was in a car listening to Them Crooked Vultures and his assistant said, 'You need to hear Queens.' The guy driving the car was an old roommate of mine! So all of a sudden I get a phone call at my house on a Sunday. I picked up and he said: 'Hello Josh, this is Elton.' I thought someone was messing with me. He said, 'The only thing missing from your band is an actual queen!' I said, 'Honey, you have no idea.'"

Elton isn't the only musician to feature on ...Like Clockwork - Trent Reznor, Scissor Sisters' singer Jake Shears and the Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner also worked on the new album.