Producers of Josh Hartnett's new film I COME WITH THE RAIN have hired their own militia - to protect the cast and crew from armed gangs in the Philippines. The actor reveals there are terrifying elements to making the film in a private goldmine, which is policed by no-nonsense warlords. He says, "The mine is run and operated by private people who have sectioned off a certain part of the goldmine and protect it with their own militias. "We had to go in with our own militia to protect ourselves from them." Hartnett admits the filming experience is really testing his nerve - because conditions on the set in both the Philippines and Hong Kong are difficult. He adds, "This is a community project and we're all just kind of in it together. We're staying in a whorehouse, which is wild and it's the only place to stay. We rent it by the hour. "There are so many people who work at the mines who live in shacks with five or six families and the whorehouse is a place where a man and a woman can go to have privacy and pay by the hour. "They did say they had to repaint the rooms and bring in new mattresses for when we get there with new sheets and everything. This is down and dirty filmmaking... We make our little sacrifices."